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Doctor care

A doctor may visit a patient at home to diagnose and treat the illness

Nursing care

The most common form of home health care is some type of nursing care depending on the person's needs.

Medical social services

Medical social workers provide various services to the patient, including counseling and locating community resources to help the patient in his or her recovery.

Michael S. Buckley,
- Patient

Michael S. Buckley,

Telormedix has shown great care to my mother. Her regular daytime aide has come into her home and cared for her with such dignity and respect. Through the ups and downs we have had to add overnights from time to time, the aides gave the same care to my mother that we had grown to expect from Personal Health Care. My Mother's aides allow us to have peace of mind, while caring for her as well as providing emotional support to her.

Eileen A
- Mother

Eileen A

The nurses who have been assigned to my son’s care have been professional, respectful, and kind to both our son and family. Scheduling has never been an issue. We can always expect someone on time, making life less challenging for a working family.

Tina M. Springer

Tina M. Springer

I want to say how much we appreciate telormedix responding to our needs so quickly, and with two top quality people. Your agency was very easy to work with and made the temporary absence of our regular care giver much easier to deal with. Should the occasion arise, I would look forward to working with Telormedix again.

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